Blue Logic Ltd

Company Registered in England and Wales No 06700427

Registered Office Address:
Unit 6 France Industrial Complex
Vivars Way

0845 4567596

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Additional Features

Included within the system and activated when our hardware requirements are met. Some options require hardware/third party license fees which are an extra cost.

Online Credit Card Authorisation.

Blue-Logic allows seamless and instant processing of debit and credit card payments.

Integrated CTI/TAPI functionality

If you have a telephone system that allows, you can get Blue-Logic to show exactly who is calling and display their details on the computer screen. Very useful for customer services.

Wireless Scanning

We have a huge range of wireless scanners available to suit your requirements and budget. These then link directly into Blue-Logic so you are always up to date with your stock levels and movement.

Simple EPOS Till

Integrated retail and trade counter POS interface for "front of house" order placement and sales.

Postcode Lookup

Third party software which allows you to populate the customer details screen by simply typing in a postcode. Additional annual license fees per user apply.

Mappoint Module

Third party software which enables you to track deliveries and plan routes, it also uses spacial planning for your delivery vehicles.

Multi Company/Site

Blue-Logic has full multi company capabilities and also has options for multi site including stock at customer premises as well as supplier/fulfillment houses.

Seamless integration with courier systems

Blue-Logic allows goods to be shipped with the courier of your choice at the best rate. Third party licenses apply.