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Company Registered in England and Wales No 06700427

Registered Office Address:
Unit 6 France Industrial Complex
Vivars Way

0845 4567596

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blue-logic stock control software internet services

Internet Modules

E-commerce integration

Seamlessly link your website to Blue-Logic.  If you already have, or are looking at any third party e-commerce solution,
Blue-Logic can be integrated. Import all website orders quickly and painlessly, also import and export your product file for easy maintenance. Along with simple CSV/Excel Import and export routine, we also have a fully integrated API available for direct integration with your website - See Prices

**NEW** E-commerce Website Package

If you dont already have an E-Commerce Website or are looking for a new one, then look no further and have a fully automated seamlessly integrated E-Commerce package to compliment and enhance your Blue-Logic stock control system.  Take the worry out of having to find a reliable Website Developer and let us do the whole lot! 

Email order status

Your customers are automatically contacted throughout the entire life cycle of their order.  This is done via customisable transmissions direct from Blue-Logic, therefore eliminating the need to manually contact the client when a status of their order has changed.

Marketing via email

You can send bulk emails to clients directly from Blue-Logic.  The email details are then held against the customer record for future reference.

Payment gateway

Blue-Logic also allows for direct, instant, credit card authorisation via SagePAY gateway, using any merchant account you wish.   This enables you to process orders quickly and efficiently with no delay in waiting for authorisation from a third party.


blue-logic stock control software internet services