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Sales Orders

Basic Details:

  • An intuitive wizard allows for rapid sales orders to be placed
  • Easy to follow tabs allow the sales order taking to be completed quickly and efficiently without missing out any important info such as email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Alternate shipping / delivery addresses can be selected or entered easily to enable alternate shipping of goods.
  • Automatic EU and Export pricing is also used as standard and can be activated to allow for complete control of all postage and packing extra costs.
  • Blue-Logic sales


    Customer Orders can be saved as a quote instead of an order in the first instance: -

  • This is very useful if a customer calls and asks for a price on a product you can go through the order process but instead of placing an order you save as a quotation. This means if the customer calls back and wishes to place the order you can the raise the quotation
  • Reminders can be set up so your sales staff can follow up on a quotation and never miss or forget an opportunity.
  • Cross Selling / Special Offers:

  • Full range of Cross Selling and Special Offer options are available, with multiple buy / sell combinations. Cross selling of products is achieved at product level and prompts the operator when creating a new order for a customer that there are linked products
  • A good example is selling batteries with a child’s toy. This allows for increased customer relations and greatly enhances selling potential

    Payment / Additional Features:


  • Payment options can be selected and entered at the final stage of each order
  • If a Credit Card is used and you have a SAGEPAY account a Pre-Auth can be obtained to ensure the card is valid, or the full value of the order can be taken.
  • Shipping Methods can be chosen which will calculate shipping costs automatically.
  • Costs can be distributed according to the method of shipping required and time involved. Items to ship can either be free (where collected) or a cost allocated when posted