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Product Maintenance

Basic Details:

Basic product screen

Basic item details include : -

  • product Code, EAN, Description
  • Invoice Description to override Standard description on Invoices and Quotes
  • Custom Groupings and Categories
  • Four Custom Fields
  • Item Status
  • Cost and Sell, Default Margin and Pricing Structures
  • Item Options:

    Numerous options are available for each item: -

  • Serial Numbering
  • Time Priced (for selling time using diary)
  • Servicing Intervals
  • Warranty Registration
  • Sell By Dates
  •  product line item

    Item Notes:

     item notes

  • Full Rich Text Format details can be held for each product allowing for more indepth information to be given to the end customer, allowing you to put full colour images and product specifications onto the page along with the general product information giving the customer a much better idea of what they are buying
  • The information on this page can be printed, faxed or emailed directly to the customer; these details on the product page can be converted into an HTML page for your website allowing for central data storage of all your current/popular products. This is a good way of keeping your website information up to date automatically along with your current prices without the need to constantly update this separately
  • Available Suppliers:

    Multiple suppliers can be assigned to any one product item, which allows you to get the best price or availability when ordering goods. Many additional details can be stored: -

  • Suppliers Product Code
  • Suppliers Description Item Status
  • Pack Size for Purchasing.
  •  available products