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Basic Details:


  • Work Order Functions allow for a single item to be sold to the customer the single item is made up of multiple items, which means instead of each separate item appearing on the customers quote and invoice a single product can be displayed.
  • You can over-ride the default sell price, which is calculated automatically from each separate item this includes information like delivery charges
  • Additional details can be held against the “Finished” product including file attachments images, spec sheets, KPI’s and labour and skill requirements and costs.
  • Every stage of the manufacturing process is tracked allowing for traceability of components to the finished product, or batch
  • Bill of Material Lines:

  • It is quick and easy to add each line to a bill of materials
  • The total prices are calculated to include supplier carriage charges allowing you to set a sell price to the customer
  • KPI’s and skills for employees can be recorded for scheduling the manufacturing process.
  • It is a useful function for calculating the parts used and for setting a sell price for labour or installations
  •  BOM

    Manufacturing Scheduling:

     manufacturing scheduling

  • Work Orders can be scheduled to run on certain dates on a particular production line, thus allowing for simple allocation and reservation of materials and equipment.
  • Staff Shift Planning

  • When the finished product is set up to require a certain number of staff with certain skills, this can be achieved by simply dragging and dropping relevant personnel to the shift plan.
  •  staff shift planning