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Company Registered in England and Wales No 06700427

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Unit 6 France Industrial Complex
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0845 4567596

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crm systems

CRM Management

Basic Features:


  • Basic Customer and Supplier Details can be input onto the relevant screen
  • Various tabs can be filled in with information as required by your company
  • Notes can be made for each customer
  • Multiple Addresses for each company can be stored
  • Managed Customers can be used for multiple site information
  • Customers can be dialled directly from the screen using integrated CTI/TAPI features
  • CRM Features:

  • Telephone messages can be taken and stored for each company/customer
  • All relevant letters and e-mail history will be stored within each customer
  • This is an excellent feature when tracking documents and client/supplier history
  • You can set up letter and e-mail templates, which automatically populate MERGEFIELDS when used
  • This is also a very useful and timesaving feature that is incorporated within the basic system
  •  CRM Features

    Order / Invoice History

    Full details are held of all past and current orders and invoices, this allows for the trends in activity to be analysed fully. Keeping a record of all transactions also allows for serviceable items to be tracked and monitored. This is especially relevant to servicing companies or companies which may have the need to keep track of periodical or annual orders.