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Company Registered in England and Wales No 06700427

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Whats Blue-Logic all about?

Blue-Logic enables you to process all of your customer orders or services simply and quickly. No need to double enter any of your orders as all of the operations are tracked and linked back to each customer.

Customer Module

Orders are entered via the customer module allowing for multiple shipping/delivery addresses and automatic EU/export pricing to be calculated.  There are also prompts for cross selling/alternates and variants.  Card payments can be either taken at the final stage of the order placement or on dispatch of goods.  Various shipping methods can be chosen which can calculate the costs automatically.

Letters and documents can be either printed/faxed or emailed to groups/multiples or each customer therefore making customer contact easy.  Reminders can be set against quotations, documents and orders to enable your sales executives to keep on top of work in progress.

You can book and track call outs/appointments and deliveries simply and effectively via the inbuilt diary.  This would be suitable for Service/Support Companies, allowing you to be in control of your engineers at all times.

Credit limits and credit terms can easily be set against each customer and all account activity can be viewed from here.

Supplier Module

Detailed Supplier information can be held in this module including multiple email addresses for ordering.  Letters and documents can also be sent to suppliers via printing/email or fax.

Products Module

Each product you supply can have multiple suppliers.  All sorts of information can be stored in this module for each product including pictures and attachments and it can be customised to suit the items you sell.  Products can be Serial Numbered/Batch Tracking/Stocked/Non stocked/Warranties/Time Charged/etc... .

Manufacturing Module

Products can be manufactured from sub-component parts to make one or more finished products.  These final products can have the same attributes as the standard products eg Serial Numbering etc,.. 

Stock Module

Full hierarchical location module for multiple, different, types of warehouse and mobile (van) locations.  Various options can be set against these including weights, volumes and frozen locations to prevent allocation.

Invoicing Module

Customer orders can be invoiced automatically at the end of a completed order/shipment or multiple orders can be merged in the invoicing module.  Payment methods can be allocated against one or several invoices to enable easy credit control and customer statements can be printed when needed.  This module also allows easy Exports to Sage/accounts package.